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Is there any chance of long dog paw hair getting caught in the grinder?

To avoid tangling of hair on long-haired breed dogs, push hair away from pet’s paw before applying the grinder. Here is a kindly tip that Use a small nylon stocking or sock over the pet’s paw and push the nails through a hole at the end to ensure only the nails are exposed.

Does this work well on larger dog breeds?

Yes, this filer can work well on large dogs, since it features upgraded 2-speed design it is powerful enough support heavy filing.

Can i charge it with my Iphone charger ?

Yes, you can, our cordless dog filer is rechargeable, you can charge it in your phone adaper, laptop or power bank.

How quick does it work? Does it take a long time to grind the nail to a shorter length?

It files quickly, and is easily controlled. If your dogs nails are long you may want to do a little at a time. It is controlled enough so that there are no worries about cutting your dog's nails too short.

Is the grinder quiet?

Of course, our electric nail filer features super low noise and vibration. I know most grinders in the market have this issue, however our grinder uses a superior motor with whisper-quiet technology,

Does this have a diamond head grinder?

Yes it does. Works great and unbelievably quiet!

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